Return to the Riverbank

Written & Illustrated by E. A. Dorrington with 12 Colour Illustrations.


The magic of Kenneth Grahame’s immortal novel ‘The Wind in The Willows’ returns, beloved by readers of all ages and generations, Ratty, Mole, Mr Badger and of course the irrepressible Mr Toad step out of the pages once again to enchant, entertain and thrill those who love the timeless world of the riverbank.


Much to the Water Rats annoyance ‘Autumn’ is fast approaching, life along the riverbank is beginning to wind down.    A chance encounter with Mr Badger begins a series of adventures that will culminate in one of the most desperate situations that they have ever faced.  The unwitting Mr Toad, having turned over a new leaf takes up the seemingly harmless hobby of painting, which in his hands turns out to be anything but.  


Told with the lightest of touches, illustrated with a full colour plate for each chapter – the reader is transported from Autumn through to Summer, sharing the triumphs and disasters of Ratty and Mole as they desperately try to keep Toad out of trouble.   A feat which we know is beyond even them.   Along the way we encounter an Appalling ceiling, an Infernal Device, a Vengeful Chief Weasel, a Disrupted Regatta, and the Darkest Day that threatens their very existence.


Return to the Riverbank is a marvellous tale complete in itself, which will delight old and young alike, an adventure that warms the heart and rekindles again the spirit of true imagination.



Return to the Riverbank is available on Amazon Kindle Books.


Written & Illustrated by E. A. Dorrington
Autumn Days
Chapter 1 Illustration Steadily they climbed the up through the trees
Mr Toad’s Ceiling
Chapter 2 Illustration Mr Rat Sir, if you please Sir
The Infernal Device
Chapter 3 Illustration An apparition of monstrous proportions
By Dreams Golden Days
Chapter 4 Illustration He watched the sun slowly setting
The Regatta
Chapter 5 Illustration Steaming into view, somewhat erratically
Adytum (The Most Sacred Place)
Chapter 6 Illustration There seated upon an acient weathered stone
Mr Toads Invitation
Chapter 7 Illustration It is - he shouted
A Promise Renewed
Chapter 8 Illustration You will take up boating again
The Vanishing
Chapter 9 Illustration The biggest pistol he had ever seen
Council Of War
Chapter 10 Illustration That’s a warning shot Mr Badger
To Storm The Towers Of Ilium
Chapter 11 Illustration Looks like our grubs arrived
Halcyon Regained
Chapter 12 Illustration Lets go home – and so they did
Winters Tale
We Stand Together
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